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Dr. Robert Broyles, Founder & Chief Science Officer   Dr. Broyles is co-founder and Chief Science Officer of EpimedX. He discovered and developed Gene Regulation Therapy© for sickle cell disease, the basis of EpimedX’s current platform, and he is the primary inventor on the patents licensed by EpimedX. Dr. Broyles earned a PhD in Biochemistry from Wake Forest University and obtained postdoctoral training with a National Institute of Health fellowship at Florida State University, and he currently holds appointments in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Dr. Broyles has been a pioneer in sickle cell research for over 40 years and is the founder and acting President of the Sickle Cell Cure Foundation.


Dr. Robert A. Floyd, Founder & Chief Operating Officer    Dr. Floyd is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of EpimedX and an inventor of the patents licensed to EpimedX.  The discoveries that led to development of Gene Regulation Therapy were made in Drs. Floyd and Broyles laboratories. Dr. Floyd earned a PhD from Purdue University and continued postdoctoral training in Biophysics at University of Pennsylvania and Washington University before appointment on the faculty of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation where he headed up the Free Radical Biology and Aging Research program for 20 years and held the Merrick Foundation Chair in Aging Research. Prior to establishing EpimedX, Dr. Floyd founded and helped develop three companies in the biotechnology sector, Centaur Pharmaceuticals, Otologic Pharmaceutics, and Onconos, LLC. Dr. Floyd’s background and experience in the biotechnology sector is of great value to EpimedX’s development.


Mr. Gary Bricker, Chief Financial Officer    Mr. Bricker joined EpimedX in 2012 as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Bricker worked with USAID for over 23 years and directed the program budget for several public health projects, including HIV/AIDs treatment in Zambia. He has years of experience working internationally to promote human rights, health and wellness, and housing and infrastructure, and is Director of Global Development for the Sickle Cell Cure Foundation. Mr. Bricker is a certified financial planner and is responsible for managing the financial aspects of the company.


Dr. F. Russell Denton, Project Specialist    Dr. Denton supports projects in development, intellectual property, registration and commercialization of EpimedX’s medicinal inventions.  He has been a founder, officer and/or played other key roles in a dozen ventures, most of them medicinal.   Dr. Denton is also an attorney and former member of King & Spalding’s pharmaceutical and chemical patent practice.  Earlier he managed R&D at Motorola for several years and was a post-doctoral fellow at Bell Communications Research.  Dr. Denton’s degrees include two in the biosciences, a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and JD/ MBA from the University of Georgia.  Dr. Denton has taught both law and chemistry at the University of Georgia, and both chemistry and business at Kennesaw State University.


Mr. Austin Roth, Lead Research Technician    Mr. Roth has been intricately involved in development of EdX-17 and Gene Regulation Therapy for sickle cell disease, and he is an inventor on one of the patents licensed to EpimedX. He began working part-time in the laboratory of Dr. Broyles in 1999 as a high school student and has been a full-time Research Technician with the Sickle Cell Cure Foundation since 2010. Mr. Roth has a BA in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Mr. Roth is a partner and voting member of EpimedX and his knowledge, expertise, and years of experience in this field are a great asset to the company.


Mr. Patrick Floyd, Accountant/Research Technician    Mr. Floyd has worked with 4 start-up biotechnology companies and has more than a decade of experience in laboratory operations management. He is an experienced research technician and accomplished accounts manager. Mr. Floyd manages all aspects of day-to-day financial accounting for EpimedX. He has a BS in Science from Oklahoma City University.


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